Gift Card Information

How do I buy a Gift Card?

Easy. Simply click on GIFT CARDS at the top of our homepage, then select the amount you would like and add each amount to your bag. Then proceed to checkout to buy.

What will happen after I purchase a Gift Card?

Upon purchasing a Gift Card online, the gift card will be emailed to the email address provided at checkout immediately. You are then able to print this gift card out or email it directly to the person you have bought the Gift card for. An instant Gift for your loved one.

How do I use my Gift Card to pay for an order?

There is a 16 digit number on your Gift Card. Please enter this at checkout in the 'Gift card or discount code' box before you click 'Complete Order'

If you are spending more than the value of your Gift Card, you will need to pay the extra using a credit/debit card or via paypal in the usual way.

If you are spending less than the value of your Gift Card, the credit will stay on your Gift Card for you to spend at a later date. You will need to spend it before the expiry date of your Gift Card.

Can I return items that I have bought with a Gift Card?

Yes of course you can. Our returns policy is exactly the same as if you have paid using your credit/debit card or paypal account. If you paid using solely your Gift Card, the amount will be refunded back onto your Gift Card. If you paid using a combination of Gift Card and credit card then the refund will be processed back to the Gift Card and credit card.

Is there an expiry date on my Gift Card?

You have 12 months before your Pretty Kitty Gift Card expires.